Breakaway Cord Lanyards

Colorize your event or facility with breakaway cord lanyards

Bulldog clip cord lanyards are great for any event or facility where there is mixing and matching of lanyards and badges. For example, volunteers might turn in their lanyard and badge at the end of their shift and then the lanyard gets handed off to another volunteer or staff member with a different badge.

Not only does the bulldog clip itself keep things secure, yet easily removed, the lanyard itself does too! Keep visitors, employees, volunteers, or whomever safe with these breakaway lanyards. If these lanyards are caught or snagged they will safely detach themselves rather than tugging on the person wearing the lanyard.

Key ring cord lanyards aren't just for keys. Many facilities have their employees carrying their badges and some small tools -- flashlights, mini-toolkits -- on their lanyards along with keys. The key ring can keep these items secure so they don't accidentally get lost.

Swivel hook attachments are our most popular cord lanyard attachment. Many of our customers have information on the back of their badges like emergency codes or phone numbers. The swivel hook makes it easy to quickly turn the badge. It's also significantly easier to add items to the swivel hook than a key ring.

All of these color cord lanyards can be great for color-coding employees in different departments for security, access restrictions, or for telling visitors apart from staff. The breakaway clasp on the lanyard will keep anyone wearing the lanyard safe. If the lanyard gets snagged on anything, the breakaway clasp will open and keep the person wearing the lanyard from getting tugged along with it.

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