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Everybody says they make things easy, well is the easy ID maker. We have been printing high quality custom ID badges since 1999 and we know a thing or two about the plastic card printing process.

Our online ID badge maker is the culmination of everything we have learned about printing ID cards for companies. This ID platform is the simplest to use on the market today.

We have very purposely kept it simple to use because we know our customers time is valuable. So let’s go over some of the reasons why we have the easiest to use ID maker.

First off we take care of the ID badge design for you.

Not sure what an ID card should really look like? We have printed thousands of them and know what information you normally need on your employee ID badge.

Already have a design in mind, no problem we can recreate it for you and have you printing badges in no time. We are happy to use use your design even if it’s hand drawn on a piece of paper.

What’s the benefit you might ask?

Chances are you’re not a graphic artist and the added responsibility of having to create an attractive ID card and learn new design tools and deal with color palettes may not be something that you really want to tackle.

We know you have better things to do, so we want to help. Our system is not some novelty badge designer but, instead we are a serious ID outsourcing platform for companies large and small.

Normally a company has a single ID card design or possibly two or three. Being able to design a card by yourself can be a hassle that you don’t need and is not a great benefit for a serious id card issuer.

A big feature unique to NetcloudID, is when your design is created it is locked down. That’s great for security and to make sure no-one tampers with your ID card design.

This means if you want to delegate ID badge production to someone else, they can’t tamper with your ID card design. This is a great benefit and puts you in control of your ID issuance program.

Another possibility is your company might have many locations and you want all of your locations branded the same way and this includes their ID cards. What would it look like if a national company with multiple locations had ID cards that look different at every location?

Chances are corporate headquarters would not be very happy. That’s where we come in… we create your ID card designs organizing your account how you need it and nobody has access except for you.

Next let’s look at placing an order.

Placing employee badge orders could not be simpler. All you do is log into your account, type in the employee information, upload a picture and put in any other variable information and you’re making badges.

Select the badges that you want to have printed, choose how many you want of each, and place the order. It’s that simple. We immediately have your custom ID badge order and print and ship your order in a timely fashion.

We use only the best id printers for superior print quality. When your order ships you’ll receive the tracking number confirmation so you know exactly what stage your order is in and where it’s located.

So what are you not dealing with by using our online custom ID badge maker?

For one thing you don’t have any id card printer equipment to purchase and learn how to use. No installing drivers, no updating operating systems, no outdated operating systems that don’t support your hardware or software anymore.

Speaking of software, no steep learning curve of learning how to design ID cards using overly complicated software installed on your computer. NetCloudID is always up-to-date because it’s located in the cloud.

You always have the latest version and it is very powerful and has a wide range of customization but, we keep things simple on the user’s end. We promise not to make it complicated for you.

So in a nutshell.

We are not against id printer systems and customers buying all the equipment they need to print ID badges. That’s the business we’re in and we are happy to sell you an ID system.

But, if printing ID cards for your employees invades your time and productivity then what better thing to hand off to the professionals. Let our online Identification card maker – make your life easier.


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