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The COVID-19 pandemic has everyone being more aware of their health and safety than ever before. We've all started to take more care in washing our hands, keeping a safe distance, and in some cases wearing face masks as a requirement.

If wearing a face mask is required, it can be a bit uncomfortable to keep on for an extended amount of time. After all, most of us aren't used to walking around with a mask on our face unless we work in a healthcare field.

That said, wearing face mask lanyards would be a great benefit no matter what the use or the profession. Our company offers lanyard clips that you can use for your needs. Here's why you need to get a few of your own!

Face Mask Lanyards Emphasize Comfort and Function

Face mask with lanyardOne of the most popular reasons to have a face mask lanyard is because of the comfort they provide to long-time wearers. When you work in a specific environment that requires you to wear a mask for many hours at a time, you're bound to feel discomfort at some point in the day. When you take a break from the mask the lanyards hangs on to it comfortably around your neck.  It also keeps it from becoming soiled by laying it down or shoving it in your pocket.

You can work on the job without any problems with a mask on or off.

They're Always Where You Left Them

It can be easy to misplace your mask. After all, they're mask on lanyardrelatively small and easy to lose. That being the case, having a lanyard attached ensures they don't go anywhere.  The lanyard is designed to lay around your neck and keep the face mask close to you at all times. You'll be able to keep track of them no matter the occasion.

You Get a Custom Look

custom face mask lanyardsWith schools starting up thousands of students may be required to wear masks. Why not add some customization and school pride in the mix.  Mask lanyards with school names fit the bill.  Nothing feels quite like having a customized look on your apparel...even if that apparel is a mask and lanyard. Your lanyard can have a ton of cool designs and shapes that will help it stand out in the crowd and define your school or business. Think of it as a way to have fun even with the masks on.

Get the Lanyards You Need

Now that you know about the benefits of having face mask lanyards, you're going to want to get your hands on a few of your own. We have plenty in stock for your needs.

At All Things Identification, we take pride in our wide array of items that are created to make your work life as seamless as possible. We offer lanyards, badge holders, badge reels, I.D. cards and printers, event passes, parking permits, and much more.

Ready to get the supplies that you need? Simply send us a message to find out more and to order. We look forward to helping you with your business and identification needs!

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