When should I use a breakaway lanyard?

Not only are breakaway lanyards for displaying id badges, they are often a critical function in safety at a facility.

A breakaway lanyard is one with a modern breakaway closure which “breaks-away” when pressure is applied. For example, someone wearing a breakaway lanyard won’t be at risk if the lanyard is snagged on some heavy machinery as the lanyard will breakaway before hurting anyone.

Another example is the case where the lanyard itself is the danger — pulling on sensitive equipment such as cables for a heart-monitoring machine. For this reason we recommend breakaway lanyard to hospitals and other health-conscious facilities.

The breakaway is reusable and can be snapped easily back into place. The breakaways are also durable and will withstand many “breaks” before wearing.

We also have lanyards which feature multiple breakaway closures for facilities which require multiple points of failure.