Custom Parking Hang Tags

Guide to Custom Parking Permit Budget Savings

Money saving tips you need to know before ordering…

The new year is right around the corner and it’s time to think about updating your parking control for the next year. Custom parking permits are a tried and true way for property managers to control who is and who isn’t supposed to be on the premises.

Having expiration dates on your parking permits helps keep counterfeiting and borrowing down, but does require you to update the parking tags more frequently. So, I thought I would give you a few money saving tips when you go to make your new year custom parking tag order.

Buy as Many Parking Tags as you can Justify

Most of the time the minimum order for just about custom anything is 100 to 125 pieces. So ordering parking permits is no different.

A lot of the cost is in setting up the printing equipment used to print the parking tags. For this reason the price usually gets significantly cheaper at the next quantity pricing tier.

Sometimes by doubling the minimum quantity you can cut your per piece price by close to half. Consider ordering a large amount with a small copy change every 125 pieces like the expiration date. The copy change will cost some, but you still come out ahead in the long run.

Buy a Screen Printed Parking Permit

Screen printed parking hang tags and stickers are always going to be the least expensive option when you need a larger number of permits.

This is where that economies of scale really comes into play and deals can be had compared to other printing methods such as digital color printing.

Stock Ink Colors are the Cheapest for Screen Printing

Since we are steering towards screen printed tags and parking permit stickers the ink should be taken into consideration. There will usually always be stock ink colors that can be chosen from for your new permits.

If you have to use a special color like a particular Pantone Matching System (PMS) color there will always be an extra fee. Extra time has to be taken to formulate the color and of course time is money.

A color matching fee is usually not terribly large, but every bit counts when your on a budget.

Using a Single Ink Color can Make a Big Impact

Multiple colors cost more. With screen printing you are charged for every color you use. The good news is that you can make a highly visible and high quality parking tag with one ink color.

Not only can you have positive images and letters printed on the parking permit, but you can also have negative images and lettering that show the white background of the material.

The white background on decals and hang tags is usually not considered a chargeable color. So get creative and make the most of the contrast between your stock color and the white underneath.

Start with Vector Artwork if You Can

If you don’t know what vector artwork is, don’t worry. Usually you can ask whomever designed your logo or a marketing department for the vector artwork you need.

If you don’t have those resources, sometimes a high resolution graphic like a jpg or tiff can be used. If you don’t have that, then you will need to have what artwork you do have altered for the printing process. This is usually called an “artwork fee” and sometimes just can’t be avoided.

So there you have it, my top tips for saving money on ordering your custom parking permits for the new year. Hope this helps you out and if you have any questions contact All Things Identification 1-800-560-8158.

badge holders


Keep track of seasonal employees with identification products!

It’s that time of year, when you’re staff has quadrupled with seasonal workers and you have a hard time recognizing most of them. Let us help positively identify seasonal team members with our complete Employee ID offering. We offer stock and custom lanyards, badge holders, name badges, arm band badge holders, and more!

Stock and Custom Lanyards

Great for displaying employee credentials or name badges, our high-quality lanyards are a versatile accessory. That can be worn around the neck, on a belt loop or even tucked into a pocket. Choose a custom lanyard to really enhance your brand!

Stock and custom lanyards

Stock and Custom Badge Holders

Badge holders are an easy, convenient way to carry and display an employee ID badge or card and are available in flexible vinyl, rigid plastic and more. Opt for custom badge holders to feature logos and text and increase your brand recognition!

Stock and custom badge holders

Name Badges

Eye-catching Name Badges are perfect for use as employee badges at big box stores, hotels, car rental facilities and other retail settings. Name badges allow for a full-color logo and up to two lines of text, perfect for an employee’s name and title.

Name Badges

Arm Band Badge Holders

Arm band badge holders are the perfect solution for active industries. Each holder features a vinyl portion that holds the ID credential. An elastic band secures the holder to the wearer’s arm. Delivery men and women and others who do a lot of moving around will appreciate this badge holder. It’s ability to remain securely attached, no matter the conditions, is a plus.

Arm badge holders

Say “Cheese!”: Your Guide to Photography Backdrop Uses

Does your business require people to put their best smile forward?

From a driver’s license office to a doctor’s office, there are myriad places where you might prompt clients to “Say cheese!”

You’ve likely invested in the right tools and technology required to produce high-quality images. You might have even purchased advanced lighting solutions to make the final product pop.

Yet, did you consider that the photography backdrop you use could make a major difference?

Today, we’re exploring a few different ways a backdrop can help enhance and improve your photography efforts. Ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

What is a Photography Backdrop?

Before we delve into their many uses, let’s establish what photography backdrops entail. These are solid, patterned or graphic screens designed to add personality and professionalism to any picture you take. If you’re taking individual photos in a group setting, they can also help standardize the images.

If you’re still picturing the scenes you posed in front of decades ago for family holiday pictures, think again. Today’s backdrops are more sophisticated and tech-savvy than ever before. 

Consider motorized and retractable models, for instance. Available with an infrared remote control, these affix to your wall or ceiling for instant accessibility. A cinch to install, they come in a range of colors and two sizes that are ideal for most business owners. 

Where Can I Use a Photo Backdrop?

Think you don’t need a photography studio backdrop because you aren’t a professional photographer? You’ll be surprised at the many places where they can make a big difference. Let’s take a look at a few of the industries that can make use of a new backdrop solution. 

photo backdrop uses infographic

Passport Photos

The U.S. Department of State has strict requirements that dictate how your passport photos must look. Specifically, there are five standards that all travelers must follow. Included in these is a mandate that all images should be taken in front of a white or off-white background.

Do you operate a passport photography business? A few of these permitted entities include:

  • Shipping centers (FedEx, UPS)
  • Membership-only warehouse clubs (Costco)
  • Some pharmacies and retail stores
  • Designated U.S. passport offices
  • Registered passport expediter offices

If so, you’ll need a photography backdrop that complies with government regulations and a photography backdrop is ideal!

Medical Transformations

Are you a plastic surgeon? What about an orthodontist or weight-loss specialist?

Persons in this profession will often use before-and-after pictures to show the physical effects of the transformations they help facilitate. To make sure that viewers can discern the difference, it’s important to take the two photos in the exact same setting. Most of the time, patients will even wear the same clothes!

This is where a solid-colored photography backdrop can come in handy.

Install one in your medical office, preferably in an area that has consistent lighting. Then, ask every patient to stand in the same spot in front of it to make sure the only difference that stands out is the one you meant to highlight. 

Driver’s License Offices

In a similar vein to a passport photo, a driver’s license photo is another image that has to follow specific criteria. 

Not only can you not smile too much, but there are also guidelines around wearing glasses. Moreover, every image has to have the same, solid-colored background.

To this end, driver’s license offices are another place where you’ll find photography backdrops. Customers will sit in a chair in front of the backdrop and hope for an end result that they don’t mind lugging around in their wallets for years! 

ID Badges

There are many situations and environments that will require the use of a photo ID badge. For instance, you might operate a high-security office that requires everyone wear their likeness on a lanyard while on-site. These can serve to distinguish employees from one another and heighten security efforts.

Photography backdrops help ensure that everyone’s badge has a consistent look and feel. When everyone in your office is standing in front of the same color, their features stand out and they’re more discernable to onlookers. If you have a business creating identification gear such as these, you’ll benefit from an installed backdrop that takes the guesswork out of every project.

Product Photography

Whether you’re selling clothing items, tools, or hardware, you want the focus and emphasis to be on your wares. This is especially the case if you’re setting up an e-commerce shop within the ultra-competitive online retail space.

You don’t want to shoot pictures of your for-sale items in front of different backdrops that are distracting and non-uniform. When shoppers view your listings on their screen, they’ll see them in rows beside each other. If you don’t give a second thought to your backgrounds, they’ll become mismatched and complicated. 

To help your products shine, it’s best to keep the background simple and consistent. This gives your shop a clean, minimalist look that keeps all eyes on your prize. 

Find the Perfect Photography Backdrop Today

You don’t have to carry a DSLR camera around your neck and spend hours editing pictures every night to be a photographer. In fact, this can be an important element of many jobs, even if you don’t consider yourself a professional in this niche.

From your driver’s license photo to your ID badge, there are many instances that require neat and invariable imagery. A photography backdrop helps you capture the perfect shot every time. 

When you’re ready to invest in one for your business, we’d love to help.

Browse our extensive selection of backdrops and find the perfect one today! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

brakaway lanyard

What Are Breakaway Lanyards and What Makes Them Special?

Some things in life come easy. If you happen to wear a uniform to work, that’s one less thing to think about in the morning.

If, however, you need to swipe into the building or present your ID badge to security, then that’s something you will have to think about.

Will you remember to grab it with your keys in the morning? If you switch out wallets or pocketbooks one evening, will you remember to add your ID card and key fob to the new setup?

This is where not only lanyards but breakaway lanyards, in particular, are special. Let’s talk about their colorful options and the benefit of breakaways specifically.

What Are Breakaway Lanyards?

Lanyards come in handy all day long. They’re like a third hand. Right around your neck, you know you’ll always have your employee ID and any other identifying materials/keys.

Breakaway lanyards, however, take things to a new level. These styles have a plastic clip that sits at the nape of your neck. Sometimes, you’ll find lanyards with rubber breakaways lower down on the cord.

Either way, once the lanyard is pulled hard enough, the plastic or rubber components will separate, releasing the lanyard from its grip around your neck. This makes them easy to pop on and off, but it’s about so much more than ease.

What Makes Them Special?

Breakaways are more than just handy little features. They’re also major safety components. In fact, we’d consider them lifesaving, depending on your line of work.

Our experience with customers tells us breakaway lanyards are useful in many different scenarios. Here are the top three:

They Can Save Your Life

Imagine you’re employed in a line of work that uses heavy machinery. Well, Heaven forbid you should ever get your lanyard caught in one of the mechanisms as it pulls your neck and head closer and closer to the moving parts.

With a breakaway lanyard, it’ll release momentarily, and your face and head will no longer be closer to getting caught in a truly perilous situation.

They’re Useful In Many Markets

How many things do we own that can be applied to nearly every marketplace? Those in the healthcare industry can benefit from breakaways, as they slip in and out of their everyday clothes and their scrubs.

Even government employees are going to benefit from these types of lanyards. Nowadays, security checkpoints are more prevalent than ever. As such, every employee is going to need to identify himself at one point or another.

But, before stepping into an important meeting with legislators, a breakaway can be popped off and then easily replaced when necessary. Indeed, breakaways are a versatile and useful addition to nearly every workforce.

They Aid In Our Forgetfulness

How many times have you walked past a vehicle and seen someone’s lanyard and ID hanging from the rearview mirror? While we wouldn’t recommend this (for security reasons), you can see why people do it.

If you get into a more secure habit (say, leaving your lanyard with your cell phone or keys), you’ll pop it on every morning and walk out the door knowing you didn’t forget anything.

Then, when it comes time to swipe into school or work, things are right where they need to be and you don’t have to rummage through your purse or pat all your pockets while you wonder where your ID badge went.

Simplify Today With Breakaway Lanyards!

Breakaway lanyards come in such a variety of options that it’s hard to say no to something that offers both design and safety. Speaking of which, feel free to get fancy with your breakaways by adding these unique badge clips.

Here at All Things ID, we can help you design and print your ID cards today and then dress them up with some of the most fabulous lanyards and clips. In the meantime, we hope all your workdays are full of productivity and safety!

Proximity Cards: How, When, Why

When you think of any high security industry or building, chances are that the facility that you are thinking of uses HID proximity cards as part of its identification card practices. This is because proximity cards are some of the best ways to regulate door access not only from the outside but from the inside of the facility as well. But what exactly are proximity cards and how can they help your company’s access control system?

How Proximity Cards Work

Proximity cards can take several different forms, with their most common one being contactless smart cards. These cards carry a set of data within them that communicates with other security software setup by a system administrator when bringing them near a card reader.

In typical types of access control, there are four different components that all work together to complete the process. The first of these components is the prox cards, with the second component being the card readers, the third being the access control panel, and the fourth being the access control server. Together they use the access control panel software to determine whether or not to give a certain user has the access level to the area that they are attempting to enter.

It does this by having the other components to take the prox card programming data transmitted (usually at 125 khz frequency) from the proximity card and run it through a series of role based access control checks. It will not only determine whether or not the card is valid and within its preset range, it will also run it through a series of accepted codes for that certain area and see if it matches up with any of them. If it does, then the security system grants access, door will open up and the user will gain access to the area. However, if the code does not match up then the door will remain locked and the user will not be able to access whatever area they are attempting to get into.

When Do Proximity Cards Come In Handy?

Just because someone works at a company, does not mean that they should instantly gain access to every area within the facility. There are plenty of instances why a company would want to segregate certain members of their employees and only allow them to be in their required areas. This is most commonly found in government, healthcare, or financial industries.

An example of why a company might want to utilize proximity card systems could be to prevent the employees working in the communications department from accessing the IT department areas. There may be no reason why communication employees need to gain access to the IT department. More than likely there is a large amount of sensitive data kept in that location, it only makes sense to keep it as secure as possible by only allowing IT employees to enter it.

Why Proximity Cards?

There are many different benefits that come from using proximity access control models within a company. The first benefit is that it provides the employees with a quick and easy process of gaining access to certain areas. Rather than trying to insert their ID card into a card reader, they can just bring it near the exterior of the reader and be on their way within less than a second. Since they do not need to insert their cards there is also less chance of any malfunctioning or damage occurring.

Another big advantage to using proximity cards is that they are one of the most secure forms of ID and are unlikely to be duplicated. This helps to ensure that your company is only allowing people inside who are meant to be there.

Proximity access control can come in several different forms as well. Instead of a printable prox card, there are access card key fob solutions as well as less expensive non-printable clamshell card versions.

All of these reasons combine together to make an extremely convincing argument for utilizing proximity cards in any workplace. The first step in permanently elevating the quality of security at your workplace is checking out the list of available proximity card types and deciding which one is best suited to your company’s needs and budget. Contact All Things Identification for any prox card help you may need form system advice to restocking you printable or clamshell prox cards or proximity keyfobs

The Benefits of Custom Hole Punches

Thousands of custom hole punch shapes

Some people like to say that newer is always better. However, in some cases, classic technology is what works best. A prime example of this is the use of hole punches in almost any business. The handheld hole punch technology has existed for decades and it is still as widely used today as it was when it was first introduced.

This is because hole punches are such a versatile product and have so many uses across a wide range of industries. Rather than just settling for a standard run of the mill hole punch, you should instead look into getting a custom hole punch, which can offer a ton of additional benefits. Here are some of the best things about owning a custom hole punch.

More Power

Some people seem to think that every kind of hole punch works the same. However, this is simply not true. A common type of hole punch that many people try to use is a craft punch. Unfortunately, these are often designed to be used on only very thin paper for arts and crafts purposes. Therefore, as soon as you get to anything that is thicker than a standard sheet of paper, the hole punch suddenly becomes unable to perform its sole job due to a lack of power.

By upgrading to the custom hole punch, you give yourself increased power, meaning that you gain the ability to use it on a variety of materials. Besides being able to be used on standard paper, it can also handle thicker kinds of paper as well as a variety of cards. This amount of power is something that you won’t be able to find in a standard hole punch at a crafting supplies store.

Increased Durability

When you spend the money on any product, you do not want it to break right away. If a hole punch is designed using subpar materials, then there is a good chance that it will structurally fail after being used for only a short period of time. However, when upgrading to the hardened steel custom hole punches, you get a product that is designed to last a long time.

They also include a steel finger ring installed on the inside of the bottom handle, allowing users to increase their handling capabilities of the hole punch and put less stress on the handle itself. All of these features combine to create a product that will work just as well even a year after first purchasing it.

Versatile Product

As previously mentioned, when a product is made more durable and can utilize increased power, that means that it is going to be able to be used for much more tasks than the average hole punch. These custom ones are often used to fill out loyalty cards as part of a company’s loyalty plan.

Although this is the main use for the custom hole punches, it is by no means the only use. They can also be used to verify purchase tickets on buses or trains. In some cases, these products may also be used in the quality inspection industry in order to officially mark a successful inspection of a product.

Shapes for Every Occasion

For almost any company, appearance is everything. That means that they always have to be working hard in order to ensure that their customers view them as positively as possible. In order to help with this, custom hole punches are able to provide a variety of hole punch shapes that can even make multiple shapes at once and be created based on a company logo. Historically some popular muli-character punches include words like “PAID” or “VOID”

Rather than just using a standard circular shape, they can come in the form of a hockey stick, heart, star, barbell, and thousands of other shapes. This will add a bit of flair to a company’s procedures, which customers are sure to notice and appreciate.

These hole punch shapes are not like other shapes you will find with mass produced hole punches. The craftsmanship of these tools are clear once you pick it up and examine the intensive work that went into hand crafting the perfect custom shape. With these custom hole punches, you will have a tool that is as unique as your company and makes the perfect addition to any loyalty program.

Custom hole punches are only one of the many basic tools that a company should be using. To check out the other ways in which a company can improve its day-to-day operations, visit All Things ID today.

Clothing-Friendly ID Card Accessories

Exploring Clothing-Friendly ID Badge Holders

Proper security is an important part of any business, which is why utilizing ID cards is such a vital thing. However, when the proper ID card accessories are not used, it can result in the employees clothing becoming damaged. That is the last thing anyone wants to experience, which is why companies need to make sure that they are purchasing clothing-friendly ID card accessories. Luckily, this article is here to breakdown the various options that are available to companies regarding clothing-friendly options.

Badge Reels

One of the most popular options among clothing-friendly ID card accessories are retractable badge reels. This is because they are suitable for a wide variety of situations. They are an extremely versatile type of identification holder that act similar to a name tag in most situations, but can be extracted to resemble more of a lanyard device when necessary.

Badge reels tend to come with a belt reel clip or swivel clip, which allows them to be clothing-friendly. Swivel clips are used to attach the badge reels to the clothing. As long as the badge reel is not carrying anything heavy, then it should not weigh enough to damage the clothing. The belt clips do not touch the clothing at all, but rather attach to the belt and do not require any sort of pocket from the user.

Not only can these badge reels be clothing-friendly in terms of not damaging the clothing of its user, they also come in a wide variety of designs that can allow them to even act as an accessory to various outfits. From a heavy duty retractable badge to brightly colored, there is truly every kind of badge reel out there.


Another extremely popular option of ID badge card holder are lanyards. Some of the reasons why lanyards tend to be so popular is because they come in such a wide variety of types and are some of the most easily customizable ID card accessories available. Need a detachable neck key ring? No problem, there’s a lanyard for that!

Lanyards can be combined with any horizontal or vertical style badge holder. They will also accommodate a soft vinyl, hard plastic, or a leather badge holder. With the the right attachments you could have a multi-badge card holder wallet that would not only hold your id card, but your cell phone and credit card as well.

Since lanyards are incredibly soft and flexible, it is highly unlikely that they will ever be able to rip any item of clothing. They also gently hang around someone’s neck rather than pinning or clipping to clothing, so there is no chance of the clothing becoming wrinkled or filled with tiny pin holes.

No Metal Clip Badge Holders

With this type of ID accessory, users are able to not only protect their ID cards but also protect their clothing. Some versions of badge holders allow them to be used without any additional ID accessories such as the previously mentioned lanyards and badge reels. If a company hands out some of these badge holders to their employees, then it can allow them to display their ID at all times while also saving their clothing.

Some of the best examples of clothing-friendly badge holders include the armband ID holder. This accessory wraps around the arm of the user and has a clear plastic holder to insert and display the ID badge. So rather than hanging off the front of a person and potentially snagging their pocket or button, it can rest securely on their arm, preventing any damage whatsoever.

There is also the magnetic badge holders, which use powerful magnets to attach an ID badge to clothing without any further clip or pin. Since this device just presses the badge up against the shirt of a user, it prevents any possible damage from occurring.

Together, these three items make up the best options when it comes to having ID card accessories that will not damage a user’s clothing in any way. So not only do they make the employer happy by improving security measures, but they also make the employees happy by keeping their work clothes looking as good as possible.

NetCloudId the Easy Id Maker

Everybody says they make things easy, well we really do with We have been printing high quality custom ID badges since 1999 and we know a thing or two about the plastic card printing process.

Our online ID badge maker is the culmination of everything we have learned about printing ID cards for companies. This ID platform is the simplest to use on the market today.

We have very purposely kept it simple to use because we know our customers time is valuable. So let’s go over some of the reasons why we have the easiest to use ID maker.

First off we take care of the ID badge design for you.

We have designed thousands of id badges

Not sure what an ID card should really look like? We have printed thousands of them and know what information you normally need on your employee ID badge.

Already have a design in mind, no problem we can recreate it for you and have you printing badges in no time. We are happy to use use your design even if it’s hand drawn on a piece of paper.

What’s the benefit you might ask?

Chances are you’re not a graphic artist and the added responsibility of having to create an attractive ID card and learn new design tools and deal with color palettes may not be something that you really want to tackle.

We know you have better things to do, so we want to help. Our system is not some novelty badge designer but, instead we are a serious ID outsourcing platform for companies large and small.

Normally a company has a single ID card design or possibly two or three. Being able to design a card by yourself can be a hassle that you don’t need and is not a great benefit for a serious id card issuer.

A big feature unique to NetcloudID, is when your design is created it is locked down. That’s great for security and to make sure no-one tampers with your ID card design.

This means if you want to delegate ID badge production to someone else, they can’t tamper with your ID card design. This is a great benefit and puts you in control of your ID issuance program.

Another possibility is your company might have many locations and you want all of your locations branded the same way and this includes their ID cards. What would it look like if a national company with multiple locations had ID cards that look different at every location?

Chances are corporate headquarters would not be very happy. That’s where we come in… we create your ID card designs organizing your account how you need it and nobody has access except for you.

Next let’s look at placing an order.

Ordering id badges online with NetCloudID is easy

Placing employee badge orders could not be simpler. All you do is log into your account, type in the employee information, upload a picture and put in any other variable information and you’re making badges.

Select the badges that you want to have printed, choose how many you want of each, and place the order. It’s that simple. We immediately have your custom ID badge order and print and ship your order in a timely fashion.

We use only the best id printers for superior print quality. When your order ships you’ll receive the tracking number confirmation so you know exactly what stage your order is in and where it’s located.

So what are you not dealing with by using our online custom ID badge maker?

Let NetCloudID keep everything up to date

For one thing you don’t have any id card printer equipment to purchase and learn how to use. No installing drivers, no updating operating systems, no outdated operating systems that don’t support your hardware or software anymore.

Speaking of software, no steep learning curve of learning how to design ID cards using overly complicated software installed on your computer. NetCloudID is always up-to-date because it’s located in the cloud.

You always have the latest version and it is very powerful and has a wide range of customization but, we keep things simple on the user’s end. We promise not to make it complicated for you.

So in a nutshell.

We are not against id printer systems and customers buying all the equipment they need to print ID badges. That’s the business we’re in and we are happy to sell you an ID system.

But, if printing ID cards for your employees invades your time and productivity then what better thing to hand off to the professionals. Let our online Identification card maker – make your life easier.

Datacard Id Printer System

Why Your Organization Needs an ID Printer

No matter what industry you’re in, owning your own ID printer offers a number of benefits that just aren’t possible when you outsource your printing. From potential saving on costs to giving you full control over your production and workflow, the ability to print your own ID badges can greatly enhance your business’s service and security.

Cost Effective

If you don’t own your own ID printer, you could be overspending when it comes to printing. Professional ID printers (id outsourcing) can carry overhead costs that range from a couple hundred to thousands of dollars. They price their services accordingly to cover costs such as rent, printer ribbons, and service, meaning you pay a significant markup.

In order to ensure they remain profitable, professional ID printers may also require businesses to order a certain number of IDs. This means that you may end up having to pay for more IDs than you need, costing you more money and creating waste. Consequently, purchasing your own ID printer means many businesses can print more cost effectively by eliminating overhead costs and having full control over the number of IDs printed while still using the same high-quality materials as the professionals.


The flexibility of owning your own ID printer can help you save money and enhance your operation by allowing you to easily print and produce IDs anywhere and anytime without having to order through a second-party. With so many affordable options available for purchasing your own ID printer the flexibility of being able to print independently can greatly enhance your business’s customer service and efficiency, particularly as instant printing becomes increasingly popular as a part of enrollment and registration processes.

Owning your own ID printer also allows you to use it as often as you want for a wider range of purposes. Whether you’re printing IDs for new employees, updating existing ones, or printing IDs for a new and entirely separate project, owning an ID printer gives you full autonomy over when and how you print. This isn’t possible when you print through an established service provider.

Production and Workflow

When you own an ID printer, you own the production and workflow of the items you’re printing. If you’re printing IDs as a part of a registration process, chances are you’ll want to be able to produce IDs in real time.

However, when you outsource your printing you are on another company’s production schedule. This implies you could be waiting potentially longer than necessary to receive your IDs, as a result of delays and unforeseen circumstances outside of your control. For smaller businesses, such inconveniences can greatly impact their service and leave them in the lurch. Purchasing your own ID printer ensures you can always print whenever you need to, no matter the time of day.


Owning your an ID printer is a convenience that doesn’t just save your business time and money, it gives you full control over data encoding and the issuance process. If you deal with sensitive information, the ability to tightly control personal information and easily update staffing changes can greatly enhance your organization’s security measures.

Consequently, if your business deals with sensitive information, data or expensive materials, investing in your own ID printer can greatly enhance your security in the long term and give you the peace of mind that nobody outside of your organization has handled your information.

At the end of the day, businesses considering purchasing their own ID printer need to weigh the costs and benefits accordingly. For small businesses, improved flexibility and control over their costs, production and workflow make investing in their own ID printer a viable option, while larger corporations may be drawn to owning their own ID printer as a long-term investment in security and convenience.

people wearing id badges

Why Your Organization Needs ID Badges

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, if you aren’t using ID badges you could be compromising your company’s success. While ID badges might seem like an unnecessary addition to your organization, they offer a wide range of benefits that ultimately save your corporation time and money through improved customer service, workplace relations, efficiency and security.

ID Badges for Better Customer Service

ID badges are an easily accessible form of identification. If you work in a service based industry, like a restaurant, or a large organization such as government and healthcare, you already know how important it is for the public to be able to recognize your employees and staff.

An ID badge helps to identify your employees to the public and establish a level of trust in them as representatives of your organization. The ability to easily identify employees improves your customers’ experience by showing them who to turn to should they need help and advice, thereby putting them at ease. By using ID badges to help identify employees, your staff are further seen as an authority within your establishment that helps to create a sense of professionalism consumers have come to expect.

These badges can also be used to further emphasize an organization’s customer service by identifying staff by name and helping customers know who they are speaking to. This helps to establish a more personal and positive relationship between your customers and employees, in addition to keeping employees accountable for the service they provide.

ID Badges for Improved Workplace Relations

The simple form of identification ID badges provide is particularly important when it comes to large corporations and organizations, which often carry the added confusion of multiple departments and internal hierarchies.

ID badges displayed in clear badge holders can help employees identify one another more easily, particularly if their work requires them to collaborate across teams and departments they may not be familiar with. ID badges can thus help to improve workplace relations within your organization by eliminating social barriers that can arise as a result of unfamiliarity and creating a sense of belonging.

Depending on your industry, ID badges that identify your employees to one another can also help to maintain your corporation’s internal structure by clearly identifying different roles and responsibilities. The ability to identify your employees and their responsibilities further improves work relations by allowing management to more efficiently organize their workers and keeps employees accountable.

ID Badges for Enhanced Security

While ID badges have the capacity to improve an organization’s efficiency, customer service, and workplace relations, they can take on a critical role when it comes to enhancing your workplace’s security.

If your business deals with sensitive information, it is of the utmost importance that only authorized employees are able to access it. ID badges can help you secure information by helping to identify different levels of authority and security clearance to one another, thereby eliminating the potential for accidental leaks in information.

However, it is the efficiency of ID badges that can truly help to enhance your business’s security, particularly within larger organizations where not all employees may be familiar with one another. ID badges signal to your employees that they belong and function as an obvious symbol of authorization, while visitor badges ensure no stranger goes unnoticed.

Regularly updating your organization’s ID badges can additionally help to enhance your security and eliminate the possibility of old badges being used to gain access to sensitive information and keeping security clearances up-to-date. In fact, ID badges are such an effective tool for enhanced security, that many schools use them to identify students.

An affordable option for all businesses, the benefits of ID badges make them a highly popular choice for organizations intent on enhancing their professionalism and branding and can help to optimize your organization’s internal relationships and security.