Patriotic Reel - US Flag (Qty 12) - 68838

  • Model: BAU68838
  • Manufactured by: Baumgartens

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 Baumgartens Patriotic Reel - US Flag (Qty 12) - 68838 

Baumgartens Retractable Reel - US Flag

American Flag Retractable Reel is a great way to show your American spirit.

A new classic, this American Flag Retractable Reel won’t let you down. Attach it to your belt and you’ll proudly display "Old Glory". Just pull on the retractable reel  to disply your badge to security. Stretches up to 24 inches and retracts automatically.

Retractable Reel Diameter: 1-1/4", slide clip on back.

 Baumgartens Patriotic Reel - US Flag (Qty 12) - 68838 

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