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yellow light bulbWhat do I Need to Know About Badge Reels Before Buying?

Retractable reels use a spring loaded retractable cord to attach to ID cards for ID security. The retractable id holder reel cord is usually around 30 inches long. A badge retractor makes keeping an ID badge handy for a door reader or whenever there is a need to present an ID badge. ID card reels come in several different configurations of clips and attachments. Some of these include a carabiner, belt slide clip, swivel back clips, and even a lanyards. Another option for your retracting ID reel is custom imprinting. Your company logo can be printed on the face of all of our selection of blank badge reels. With the customized badge reel option ...[READ MORE]

yellow light bulbWhy Choose a Heavy Duty Retractable reel?

Some customers need heavier duty retractable badge holders than others. Some just need something that can handle more than the weight of a badge. Some are simply a little rough on the retractable cord. No matter the case, there is a heavy duty badge reel made for you ... [READ MORE]

yellow light bulbExploring Clothing-Friendly ID Card Accessories

One of the most popular options among clothing-friendly ID card accessories are badge reels. This is because they are suitable for a wide variety of situations. They are an extremely versatile type of identification holder that act similar to a name tag in most situations, but can be extracted to resemble more of a lanyard device when necessary. Badge reels tend to come with a belt clip or swivel clip, which allows them to be clothing-friendly. Swivel clips are used to attach the badge reels to the clothing. As long as the badge reel is not carrying anything heavy, then it should not weigh enough ... [READ MORE]



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