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Since 1999 All Things Id has been the id card experts. We have served thousands of businesses and we know the ins-and-outs of id badge printing. It doesn't matter what stage you are in with your id program, we'll meet you where your id needs are.

  • Are you looking to print cards in-house or perhaps need an upgrade to an existing printer? We are certified resellers.
  • Our employee badge printing service takes the burden off your shoulders and onto ours as we design, print, and ship your badges right to you.
  • Already have your own printer? We offer the same ceritified supplies we use ourselves so you know you're getting the best quality.

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Badge Printers

We have provided thousands of businesses with just the right badge printer. Trust the employee badge experts that these printers are top-notch and made to get the job done.

Id Service
Our Employee Badge Printing Service

Our employee badge outsourcing service has been saving businesses time and money on badge printing programs since 1999.

Printer Supplies
Printer Supplies

Supplies are a never-ending need even for us. These are the supplies we use everyday to keep printing high-quality employee badges.

Employee Badge Printers by Brand
Datacard Printers

Datacard has printers that can meet nearly any criteria -- from laminating, low-volume, high-volume, and just occasionally card issuance. Datacard doesn't skimp on security either with each of these machines capable of security overlays. If you need a printer, Datacard surely has one to offer.

Evolis Printers

Evolis is a global manufacturer for employee badge printers who provides top-notch printers for a range of solutions. Need an industrial printer? Evolis has one. Just need an easy in-house solution? Evolis also has those. And All Things Identification brings them straight to you.

Polaroid Printers

Polaroid id equipment is a full line of innovative, expandable badge printer systems and comprehensive customized professional services and solutions, our badge printer systems team can help you design and implement your photo id program.

Our Employee Badge Printing Service by Type
Single-Sided Badges

Single-sided employee id badges can go a long way. Not only are they great for identifying employees to customers, they serve as a branding opportunity as well. These badges are great for any company, big or small, who just need to put a name to a smile.

Double-Sided Badges

Double-sided badges take advantage of that extra area on the backside of the badge. Many businesses require that emergency information be in reach of all employees and the reverse side of an id badge certainly fits the bill. If you need extra information, double-sided is for you.

Visitor ID

Our visitor id badges are perfect for small, quick meetings all the way to large, 3-day events. These badges don't end at temporary events -- they are excellent for security purposes at any existing facility. No matter what your situation, we're sure that there's a visitor badge that can fit your solution.

Our Id Printing Supplies By Kind
Printer Ribbons

These are the printer ribbons we use in-house to provide our id printing service. We are authorized resellers of every one of our printer ribbons. These ribbons range from mono-color, to YMCK, and even all the way to scratch-off.

ID Cards

There's no printing employee badges without the cards themselves. We have a variety of blank cards in the standard CR-80 size which fits every printer that we offer. The magnetic and proximity cards are easy to order with just an additional one and two steps respectively.

Printing Cleaning Supplies

These official cleaning supplies are made to keep your printing smooth and true. Supplies include cleaning cards to keep rollers clean so they don't contaminate new cards and swabs for cleaning the printhead.

Let us meet you where your id needs are

Here are some frequently asked question we get asked about making employee badges:

I need employee badges with my logo, where should I start?

Logos can be put on any custom employee badges. Many of our customers are looking for an in-house employee badge printer so they make custom employee badges themselves. Most of our customers choose to use our id printing service where, with your approval, we design, print, and ship badges to your facilities.

In-house printing

Printing badges in-house can be an small or large as needed. This is by no means true for every customer of ours but we have noticed medium to larger companies tend to choose printing in-house over outsourcing the work. This lets them have full control over every step including designing, printing, issuing, and reissuing the employee badges. The ability to know every step of the process is key for security as well as counterfeit badges can be a problem.

While having an in-house setup can be daunting, All Things Id -- the id card experts since 1999 -- can walk you through the first stages of setting up the printer and software and then printing the first card. For those that have a limited amount of time or budget, we can print the cards for you with our id printing service.

Id Printing Service

Our id printing service has been put to the test for just about any kind of badge -- any combination of security laminates, barcodes, and magnetic stripes; all the way from 10000 cards to just 10 cards -- we've seen it all. Whether you need some one-time employee badges or have new contractors every week or anywhere in between our service can handle any load. Our customers have commented time and time again how they love the hassle-free nature of just getting us to do the work.

Badges have nearly limitless options. Nearly anything can be printed on those plastic cards, but we've found a good blend of what works. Of course, there's never two customers alike and we always keep your needs in mind first.

Which visitor badges are right for my event/facility/school?

Expiring, non-expiring, custom-printed -- it just seems so complicated to badge a visitor! But its necessary depending on your needs. Security is always a concern in the identification world so expiring visitor badges keeps visitors limited. For branding purposes, or places with not-so-heavy foot traffic, a custom-printed visitor badge may be the choice. Finally, the time-tested non-expiring visitor badge is always a great solution.

Expiring Visitor Badges

Expiring visitor badges are great anywhere that needs a time-limit on visitors such as schools or facilities with contractors. Many are disposable and come in a variety of time-segments -- 4 hours, 8 hours, 1 day, etc -- and even child-friendly badges.

Not all expiring badges have to be disposable. We offer a variety of reusable badges for visitors such as contactors and vendors on which you place an expiring sticker.

Some of our customers have told us that using expiring badges works well for managing volunteers at events. When their badge has expired, their shift is over and the security has a visual cue of who is allowed in and out despite many having a badge.

Custom-Printed Visitor Badges

Some larger facilities like to use custom-printed visitor badges for different departments. Some departments may receive different visitors and its good for each visitor to be identified correctly. Many of our customers like the branding opportunity of the visitor badges and have facilities in the midst of other businesses. Having someone walking around with their logo on is a definite benefit.

Other customers simply have less visitors and opt for the more permanent, one-time solution. Visitors come in, get a badge, visit, and then return the badge at the end. It's a simple and good solution.

Non-Expiring Visitor Badges

Nothing quite as well as the time-tested write-and-stick visitor badge. It seems it doesn't matter exactly what kind of business or event you're running, a 3x4 visitor badge will work just about any place. They are disposable, the visitor writes their own name, and the big, red "Visitor" at the top makes it easy to see who they are.

How do I display my badges?

Now that you've got badges to display, the best way to show them off depends on your needs. Most badges are put into a badge holder but that's not necessary if you have your badges slotted. The simplest solution to a slotted badge is the classic badge clip which lets someone clip the badge to their shirt, pant, belt, etc. Two other robust options are lanyards or reels.

Most of our customers choose a reliable lanyard. They come with several different attachments like swivel hooks, bulldog clips, and key rings. For added saftey, there's breakaway lanyards available as well with all the same types of attachments. Lanyards are great for displaying badges, but no-so-hot when it comes to proximity cards.

Badge reels are a must if your id badges are also proximity cards. Badge reels have a line inside of them so the badges can be pulled out and scanned. Most badge reels are meant to be clipped to a shirt or pant pocket, but there are also carabiner badge reels which can clip securely to belt loops. And for those that really like the lanyard but still need the badge to be extendable there are lanyards with badge reel attachments.

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